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Pro-Choice – Roe vs. Wade is settled law!

Term Limits – I will propose a constitutional amendment to mandate term limits for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate.  

Full LGBTQI Equality – I completely support enforcing full equality for LGBTQI individuals. Prejudice is not the American Way!

Reasonable Gun Laws – I respect the 2nd Amendment and support reasonable gun laws. 

Healthcare –  The cost of insurance is ridiculous.  There was nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act! 

Family Law – Our family law system is broken— badly.  It costs less than $100 to get a marriage license but it can cost thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to get divorced.  

The Economy & Small Business – prosperity is our national security.  Right now, our laws favor big corporations, with too few incentives and protections for small businesses… this needs to change.

Education – policy reforms are needed!  I support vouchers for K-12 schools.  While I don't want to see our federal government in the banking business, would like to see interest-free loans with deferred payment options for college and graduate students.

Environmental – protection is needed.  Without clean water, air, soil, etc. we cannot live in a healthful manner... there are predictions of significant food shortages by 2050 (if not sooner).

“The status quo must go!”