Term Limits & Nikki Haley

I was shocked when Nikki Haley resigned as US Ambassador to the United Nations.  I have admired her work… she has been a fabulous role model for women.  She’s a working mom, too.  Her words resounded so strongly with me, “It’s been eight years of intense time and I’m a firm believer in term limits… you have to be selfless enough to know when it’s time to step aside and allow somebody else to do the job.” THANK YOU for your service and these honest words.

Why can’t our elected officials see that?  Term limits.  One cannot be President of the United States for more than two terms.  Some states have limits on gubernatorial and legislative terms.  It has been argued that term limits would make legislators work more efficiently because they would have a finite amount of time to get their work done.  Term limits would prevent the perpetual gridlock that some long-standing, members of Congress have kept alive for years.  It’s the same fight with the same people and WE THE PEOPLE are the losers. 

Perhaps as part of a Constitutional Amendment for Term Limits, the term for the House of Representatives should be four years instead of two, this way members are spending more time honoring their campaign promises to work on behalf of their constituents instead of fundraising for their party or their re-election.  Being an elected member of the House of Representatives is about service to the country… not being a professional politician.  Most students graduating with political science degrees don’t jump into political office.  I have signed two online term limits pledge websites.

Our legislators promise to fix problems like health care, immigration and to lower taxes.  Last I checked, they have failed to deliver.  Send a message to Washington this November by voting for new people, with new ideas… and consider voting outside of the two parties.  Vote for experts who will champion platforms like term limits, healthcare, education, the environment, small business protections, and family law… because they don’t need to rely on lobbyists to tell them how to think… they’ve had enough real-world experience to know what needs to be done.  Democracy is not for sale.  Vote for Felicia Stoler, The Inclusion Candidate®, on November 6th