Shame on Those Who are Barbarically Separating Children from Their Parents

I am without words to describe the absolute disappointment I have in our federal officials.  Shame on everyone who does NOTHING to stop this trauma on our own soil.  We should be honored that people would do ANYTHING to come to this country, but instead, we are barbarically separating children from their parents. It is unconscionable. I was moved by the letter that Laura Bush wrote over the weekend to the Washington Post.  I share her sentiment.  As a healthcare professional and mother, it is abhorrent that young children are essentially forced to be in detention centers where the staff are instructed not to hold, touch, or comfort these children.  The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Collen Kraft, has eloquently described the harm we are causing these children.  Let us not forget what the Romanian orphans taught us about the irreversible damage that not touching, holding or attending to children’s basics needs can do. These children developed autistic-like behavior.  We are a better nation than this.  My piece of advice – do not vote for incumbents who supported this zero-tolerance policy.  I appreciate the problem we have with illegal immigration, however, the partisan politics that we are seeing in Congress is destroying this country.  Some people care more about the way animals are treated than human immigrants.  You have a choice in November – you can leave things as they are, or you can choose to help new leaders change the way our government is run. Breathe new life into Congress by saying that the STATUS QUO MUST GO!