Reaching Out to Early Morning Commuters!

I take the title of "Representative" very seriously!

"Real Representation, True Transparency, Your Voice in the People's House," 

is my verbal contract with all of you in our 4th Congressional District— not just some clever, crafty campaign slogan designed to convince you to vote for me that will be deliberately forgotten moments after all the ballots are counted November 6th. When you bestow the title "The Honorable Representative Dr. Felicia Stoler, Member of Congress" I consider myself bound by a sacred pledge to bring honesty, integrity and dedication to the hard work of representing you in Washington DC. 

"True Transparency!"— I take the responsibility of keeping your sacred trust very seriously. As your Congresswoman from our 4th District I will make sure every vote is promptly and clearly explained on my House of Representative's web page. It's always frosted me how difficult, even, and, all too often impossible, to figure out just what a politician stands for on any given issue with statements designed to obfuscate and distract— those statements are written to deliberately mislead us! You won't ever scratch your head with disgust after reading my explanation for a vote or a policy position on an important issue.

"Your Voice in the People's House!"— I need your help! For quite some time now both political parties have turned our "U.S. House of Representatives" into a telemarketing juggernaut by requiring members to meet fundraising quota's! This turns my stomach! Our 4th congressional district is sandwiched between the largest and most expensive media market of New York City and the 4th largest, Philadelphia. Please consider donating $5, $10, $15 or $25 so I can "Just say no" when I’m asked to dial for dollars! This Fortune story published 2 years ago says it all:

With your help I will be "Your Voice in the People's House!"

Thank you,