Gun Laws, Healthcare - “The Inclusion Candidate®” Dr. Felicia Stoler for Congress

Reasonable Gun Laws – I respect the 2nd Amendment and support reasonable gun laws.  So much attention is put on school shootings and mass shootings, however of equal and great concern are suicides and murders.  Crimes of passion and domestic violence account for numerous shootings each year.  I am not against guns, but I am against gun violence! Yes, we have a right to bear arms, but we also have a right to life, a right to live free from fear.  We do need universal background checks and an improved technology platform/database for law enforcement and gun shop owners to use.  People with mental illness or a history of domestic violence should be prohibited from purchasing firearms.  It is time for gun owners, manufacturers and the NRA to stop being absolutist.  I can appreciate diverse points of view on this issue, but we need to find a way to work together to come up with reasonable solutions.

Healthcare –  By far this is among the most challenging issues we face as a nation.  The cost of insurance is ridiculous.  There was nothing affordable about the Affordable Care Act and those who are uninsured, ultimately cost all of us money.  We must look at best practices. Are there any good examples here in the United States?  The business of health insurance has morphed in my lifetime from providing protection from medical emergencies to literally becoming a healthcare banking industry— the only people making money are the insurance company executives and stockholders! The health care organizations and providers are not the problem, it’s the health insurance companies.  Doctors must be permitted to make decisions that are best for patients not insurance company administrators who are neither trained in medicine nor know the individual seeking care.  Being healthy is the foundation for life.  It impacts our ability to learn, work and function in society.  We also cannot price fix the cost of health care (we don’t it in any other industry), or let our federal government administrate healthcare— have you called a government agency lately?  Perhaps looking at single payer systems like Kaiser Permanente in California where there would be competition within health care systems we could establish a single-loop model which allows costs to be cut without compromising care by simply eliminating a layer of administrative waste, kind of like trimming the visible fat off meat!

Family Law – I often call family law domestic terrorism, because it is.  Our family law system is broken— badly.  The current process of breaking up a family or trying to make parents accountable for the care of their children is abominable.  It costs less than $100 to get a marriage license in this country, but it can cost thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars to get divorced.  Some cases take years to close.  Occasionally, former spouses or parents use the legal system to continue abusing their opponents!  Frivolous lawsuits have become a cottage industry which thrive on keeping families in contentious circumstances so that lawyers and experts can make a fortune off the calamity of others. This is not the American Way!  Not one state in 50 does divorce well.  I will find a way to bring civility to divorce in a national manner, make it as easy as getting a passport, really.  The child support guidelines must be modified and adapted to realistic understanding of current and local economic climates, including the real costs of raising a child.  Divorces put many families into bankruptcy and home foreclosures; enforcing child support would take some of the financial burden off the states, and let’s not forget how many people go to great lengths to hide their income to avoid paying child support or alimony; the states and the federal government pick up the tab while losing out on tax revenues.  We need safety nets for children in this system, we need to improve laws and standards, so all citizens can exercise their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.