Campaign Strategist

About Victor Finamore
Victor's professional experience has been in Compliance and Monitoring.  He has worked with law firms.  He was a Compliance, Supervisor and Case Management for Hurricane Sandy Recovery.  Prior to that Victor worked in Health Care Benefits and Pharmaceutical Research and Development. 
His political experience includes:
  • Six-time Council  Campaign Volunteer
  • Four-time Mayoral  Campaign Volunteer
  • Four-time Congressional Campaign volunteer
  • Two consecutive -  Lt. Governor  Campaign volunteer activist
  • Four-time consecutive Gubernatorial  Campaign Volunteer- activist - member.
  • Two Presidential Campaigns volunteer 
  • Six-time consent to Council aspirations
  • Ran twice for Brick Board of Education - Aspirations of controlling of wasteful spending of the public Property Taxes. While focusing on providing quality educational programs including STEM and Special needs programs, services to the children and their future for a better Quality of Life.
  • Publically documented in various media and publications
Victor was raised in Westfield, NJ; attend Union County College for Certificate in Business Management and Pharmaceutical Technician.  He has visited over 40 States in the US. Spent many years traveling throughout Central America; both Eastern and Western Carribean upon various destinations.