Allow me to introduce myself, and my campaign! I am Dr. Felicia Stoler, America's Health & Wellness Expert, but first and foremost a mother, a businesswoman, and healthcare professional, and now The Inclusion Candidate® for Congress in New Jersey's 4th District. I AM A LIFELONG MONMOUTH COUNTY RESIDENT.

I decided to run for Congress because I believe that a member of Congress should advocate for the interests of the citizens they represent FIRST- and be a resident in the state they represent, and I know I am not alone in this belief. I know that the residents of Monmouth, Mercer, and Ocean Counties in the 4th District are in need of someone willing to actually BE PRESENT, TO REPRESENT US!

As a healthcare professional, I believe in personal responsibility with our health and diet choices, and I believe in a common sense approach to life, and this carries over to my political stances on issues: limited government, individual liberty, state's rights, tort reform, free markets, and a strong national defense. I am ready to be the much-needed and long overdue fresh face to our representation in Congress, and will be able to move the ball forward in a healthy bipartisan manner- all missing from the current establishment incumbent.

Let's work together, right HERE in our district, to send an Independent Republican Jersey Girl to Washington to help create and reform our healthcare system for one that works and is affordable for everyone- and with a long history in the healthcare industry, I am ready to be the common sense voice needed. Let's give this long-neglected district a Congresswoman who actually is WILLING and WANTS to meet with her constituents regularly, and one who will continue to encourage and welcome constituent interactions. 

I am your friend, your neighbor... but most importantly, I will be accountable to you - the voters - not a party telling me how to vote!

Please donate! It takes money to run a successful campaign properly and effectively; it's not enough to be the best person for the job! Volunteer your time: making phone calls, door knocking with me, and helping at events, to reach as many residents in our neglected district as possible before November 6th. Spread the word on social media! Let's create an exciting wave of change that makes this election about the PERSON and the issues behind the candidacy. Together, let's stop allowing establishment candidates to not have to work for their job!

Vote for Felicia Stoler for US Congress on November 6th in the General Election - and it WILL be a vote for change!